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October 7th, 2020

Social media is a very important aspect of digital marketing, it's an avenue that can enable your business to reach millions of customers globally - potentially at no cost.

Some businesses work fine without social media marketing, however, all businesses could be missing out on an untapped supply of customers if they're not posting regular and engaging content on social platforms. Depending on your business, your perfect target customer could be sitting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn waiting to find your product or service, you just need let them know you're here!

Engage With Customers

When businesses use social media regularly, they become more relatable and personable for customers - large corporate entities are something modern businesses are trying to dissociate with. Modern businesses are doing their best to be relatable and appeal to wide audiences.

Replying to customers and having open discussions over platforms such as Twitter will help raise your brand awareness.

Brand Loyalty & Customer Retention

Sometimes your customers know you exist, have used your product or services and continued on with their lives. Everyone knows that it's more cost effective for a business to sell another product or service to that same customer, rather than finding a new customer who's never interacted with the business before.

Regular social media posting can help retain customers and keep their loyalty, if they loved your product or service they've probably liked your Facebook page or followed you on Twitter - they'll see your posts about new product ranges or services and are more likely to return than if they'd had little to no interaction with you following a purchase.

Brand Awareness

So social media marketing likely won't make your business a household name, but it's a start.

Social media is a stress-free approach to digital marketing that can help you reach a wider audience, for just a few hours of posting a week (even less, if you use the Bind CRM Social Media Tool).

Paid advertising on social platforms will yield faster results, but this isn't always necessary and simply posting engaging content regularly will help broaden your audience.

Increased Traffic

By sharing your website content on social platforms you'll be giving users more reasons and more opportunities to click through to your website, increasing the traffic and potentially sales. Quality content is key here.

Website SEO

It's becoming increasingly important to have a good social media presence in order to maintain good rankings for your website - SEO tools, such as SEO Optimer are starting to take your social media presence into account when estimating your website's SEO results.

Of course, SEO tools can only do so much and it's down to the popular search engines such as Google to really determine where you rank - they can be quite secretive about what determines where you rank, however, there is a correlation between companies with good SEO and good social media presence, as discussed in this article by OptinMonster.

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