About Bind CRM

Bind CRM is on a mission to make digital marketing & management software accessible and affordable for small businesses.

Startups & Small Businesses

We know small businesses are tired of searching for the right tool at the right price when every tool they need is split up across many providers.

It can become expensive quickly, when you start to factor in email marketing, customer management, social media marketing... the list goes on.

We want to change this, one feature at a time - we've started with the social media marketing tool, but will be adding new features every month, with many already nearing the end of development.

Customers Management (Coming Soon)

A tool to track customers and leads, raise support tickets and monitor ongoing tasks.

Social Media Marketing

Create one social media post and share it across multiple platforms, saving time and boosting productivity.

Invoicing (Coming Soon)

Raise invoices for customers, take payments online and create recurring services. Integrate branded invoices with eBay.

Email Marketing (Coming Soon)

Run email marketing campaigns, track opens, clicks and views - use your own custom domain.