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by Bind CRM Author Posted: 24th September 2020

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Social Media Marketing is a very important strategy for many businesses, providing a way to reach your audience on a regular and informal basis - it's very helpful for building relationships with your existing customers and meeting potential customers online.

Managing many different social media platforms at once can become very time consuming and at this point most businesses either opt to hire a social media marketing company or simply stop maintaining their social media presence, losing out on so many potential leads.

What is a Social Media Management Tool?

Bind CRM's social media marketing tool provides you with a way to connect your social media accounts to one place, enabling you to schedule social media posts to those platforms in one click - customizing each post individually and tailoring them to your specific audience.

Using a social media marketing tool saves you time and money, helping you maintain your online presence and monitor your different social accounts in a much quicker, easier and more effective way.

Eliminate the need to flick between 5-6 different websites copying and pasting content to each.

Tracking Social Media Statistics

Often overlooked is the actual statistics and data collected from your social media accounts - this information can help you determine which audiences are using which platforms, whether it's Twitter, Facebook, Google or Linked In.

Bind CRM collates this information and provides an easy to understand overview of your social media accounts.

Bind CRM Blog Post Media

As shown in the above image, you can see the heatmap generated to show you which times of which days are most popular for your social media audience. Bind CRM currently only offers these insights on Facebook pages as of September 2020, however, we will be extending this to other platforms soon.

Supported Social Media Platforms

  • Facebook accounts & Facebook business pages

  • Twitter accounts

  • LinkedIn accounts & LinkedIn organizations

  • Google accounts & Google My Businesses

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