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September 27th, 2020

Social media is a fantastic tool to businesses of all sizes! Essentially, you can market your business yourself through social platforms, as well as grow the following that your business has. However, it can all be a bit overwhelming! The world of social media is vast and ever growing, it can be a bit much to stomach for most people, particularly from a business point of view. Business owners have enough on their plates without the added stress of learning how to use social platforms.

So, Bind CRM set out to take some of this stress away by putting together a cheat sheet of sorts, in order to allow you to grow your business and audience effectively through social media without spending hours, trudging through online content! So here we have 5 very helpful insights into what makes a good social page for a business, and how you can use this page in order to grow your pool of customers!


Hashtags are essential for expansion on social media, they can get you onto trending pages, get your seen by location, and allow those that do not follow you to see your content. They’re essentially gold dust to a growing business! The key to using hashtags is to hit as many as you can but do it in a way that does not distract your readers from the content of your post.

Most sites have a limit on the hashtags you can include, such as Instagram which limits you to 30 per post. Therefore, it is important to choose quality over quantity. Place your hashtags, either in a large block a few lines below the text of your post (make sure it looks separate to the actual content) and fill out as many as seem relevant to you.

When considering which hashtags to use it may be worth trying a few out before publishing and seeing how many posts have been made to that hashtag previously (the more posts the more people following that hashtag). Include key words such as the area you are located, materials used, services offered, well known phrases, or products sold.

Use our social management tool to type out your hashtags for all posts at the same time, across platforms, saving time, energy and effort!


Scheduling is a key skill used by social media management companies in order to reach the largest audience for their clients. The point of scheduling is to release posts at times in which the most people are online, in order to reach the most people! It works well for expansion as those that may miss your content normally will be able to see your posts appear higher up on their newsfeeds.

Scheduling is made easier through our social media tool. You are able to write your posts out at any time that suits you and your business. However, it allows for you post to be released at any desired date and time, letting you to not only plan your social media posts, but also publish posts at the optimal time for reaching the largest audience, even if that time is when you are away from work.

4-6pm Monday to Friday is a great time for scheduling posts as it is a time at which people are beginning to switch off from work, head home, commute, and indeed, turn to their social platforms! This is a key time for businesses to get their posts out in the world and seen by the masses. 5pm Sunday is also a great time to get your posts out, it acts like a golden hour for social content, so if you’re hitting only one hour a week, make sure it’s this one!

Bind CRM

Image selection and editing

Images are an amazing way to capture the attention of your audience! If they’re good enough there’s a high chance of being shared, and attracting a lot of attention, growing your audience and business!

In terms of the perfect photo, we have found that images that don’t look overly professional work better than those that look staged! If a photo looks as if it could have been posted by a friend, it will do well. That having been said, a photo needs to be of a high quality and preferably capturing something eye catching, pretty, or desirable to your target audience. Eateries have it easy as food on social media always does well! But for those of us that aren’t tempting people’s taste buds, we have to work a bit harder to make our products look amazing to our potential audience! A photo should be attractive and, if possible, well edited! Our social media tool allows you to edit photos to create the perfect image, with filters and text to enhance your photography! It also has a massive, copyright-free, stock library if you are struggling to take the perfect image!


Social Media advert are a great way to get more engagement on your posts, get them seen by tons more people, and grow your audience for your business! They can be quite tricky to grasp at first, but with a little practice you’ll be smashing Facebook ads out left, right and centre!

The great thing about ads is they give you the opportunity to choose your demographic in terms of your audience, whether that be age, location, marital status, or approaching occasions (such as people have upcoming birthdays). They also allow you to choose people who are interested in the things offered by your business! Your post then appears as a sponsored ad on the newsfeeds of people who may never have even heard of your brand, meaning that your audience will likely grow from the use of adverts.

Ads are unique to every business, but an invaluable tool to all! Take some time to see what works for you, don’t put too much money into them, particularly if you’re new to this feature, and have fun experimenting and watching your post engagement blow up!

Be an active presence

Being an active online presence is essential for customer growth with social media! Reply to comments and tags, engage with your audience, and keep bringing out the content! Don’t let yourself or your brand be forgotten about, keep popping up time and time again, consistently on your audience’s timelines, and watch your pool of customers grow!

Activity online, and consistent activity, is the most proven way of growing an online following, which is perfect marketing for your business!

Allow our social tool to take some of the stress away from creating this active presence! Schedule posts, copy hashtags and produce amazing images consistently! Link into your website continuously, this will help increase traffic to your site. Showcase your products, your services, and what makes your business unique!