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Bind CRM Author
by Bind CRM Author Posted: 30th September 2020

Using Our Social Tool to its Full Capacity.

Social media nowadays is more complicated than pictures and text. When delving into these websites you’re faced with hashtags, what’s trending, filters, editing, engagement, and what seems like a bucket full of other complicated terms! Our social tool is designed to make this world more accessible to every business owner. We have created a quick and easy guide to demonstrate everything that our social tool is capable of offering you, and also demonstrate just how easy it really all is underneath those over-complicated words.

We’ll talk you through each feature and exactly what it does for you and your business:

Brand Selection

Creating a brand is a great way to post easily to all social accounts for one company simultaneously! Simply select brand under the social media menu on the left hand side and click create brand on the page that appears. This allows you to link in your social media accounts across platforms, as well as assign your logo to a particular brand. Once your brand is completed you are able to post to all accounts under the same brand at the same time whilst creating a post.

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Account selection

At the top of the social page you will find two drop-down menus that lets you select which account you would like to post to, or the brand that you would like to post to (meaning you can post to all social media accounts attached to this brand simultaneously). However, the beauty of this particular feature is the ability to choose as many accounts as you need, across platforms! This allows you to post across social sites and across accounts simultaneously, without having to rewrite content! This is a massive time saving feature that we hope you will utilise to its full potential!

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Social Media Text Content

Our next helpful feature is the backbone of this social tool, the text producer. This text box uses simple and widely recognized symbols in order for you to produce high quality and varied text that will make up the posts to your social accounts. We have an emoji library attached to this feature in order to animate your writing. Hashtags, as well as all special characters are accepted in this feature, meaning that you’re creativity is free to roam in this area! When typing out your post, you will see examples of your future posts appear to the right-hand side of the page as a preview of what you will be releasing onto the social media sites.

To personalize the text per post, simply press the symbol in the bottom left corner of the example post! Some sites use a strict character count that does not apply to others, or some sites require a different style of writing; this tool allows you to meet these requirements without rewriting the entire post per platform!

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Image Selection

Our image selection tool is two-fold. We have a file downloading system to allow you to download your own images into the system and attach them to the post that you are creating! Simply select upload media, drag and drop the image you wish to attach into the box, or choose select file to browse your computer’s documents! This will automatically attach the picture chosen to the social media post you are creating!

However, you can’t always have the perfect picture to illustrate your posts! That’s where our free photo stock library comes into things! We have included a massive library of high-quality images to help you with your social media goals. Simply click stock media, search the library with any key words and browse the results in order to find the perfect picture! Once selected, again, this will attach itself to the post automatically.


Bind CRM Blog Post Media
Bind CRM Blog Post Media


To post your social content, there are two options available to you. You can either simply click post now, to release your posts onto their relative sites, or you can schedule a post. This allows you to select the time and date that you wish your post to be published meaning you can reach your maximum audience and create a social media schedule that will release your posts throughout the next few days, weeks or months, without any more effort on your part!

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Our analytics page lets you see just how well your social media is doing! It allows you to see a calendar of your posted, and scheduled posts, meaning you can track your presence online, making sure that you are posting regularly. Furthermore, it tracks the engagement you receive on your posts across platforms. This tool is vital to see what works well for you, as well as what might need some adjustment. You can see which posts performed well, which brought the most engagement, as well as how your overall audience engagement grows over time! The analysis tool allows you to observe and plan your growth, rather than posting blindly.

Bind CRM Blog Post Media

Live Chat

If you need any advice, help, or direction, our live chat is always available in the bottom right hand corner of any page on the CRM. One of our team is waiting on the other end to help you with any problems you might be having, as well as able to give any advice on creating the very best social presence for your business. This live chat is available Monday - Friday 9-5.